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Top Quality! Barrie at Eco Pools produces absolutely fantastic results every time.

Professional, friendly, informative and swift service is essential when I employ any service. Again, Barrie and his team fulfil all these points and provide even more. I am happy to be a customer......

Stuart Ashing
Alhaurin el Grande

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Written by Barrie   
Thursday, 03 December 2009 09:51


In this Edition

  • Winter Maintenance
  • Winterisation
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Pool Of The Month

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and A Prosperous New Yearand  hope you enjoy the festivities.

A big thank you for all your feedback to our 1st ever November newsletter, it's really good to know what you think , so keep it going.

This month I am going to keep it brief as I know your time is really valuable at this time of the year - my how fast has it gone?!


Yes or No?

That is the question. This is a method of closing down your pool in the winter and then opening it again in the summer.

I personally prefer to keep the pool running all year for many reasons. I have tried both methods and have found that running your pool throughout to be more cost effective IN THE LONG RUN.

Here are my arguments:

  • The cost of Winter treatment packs are fairly expensive and in some cases could cost more alone than the electric used to run your pump on low hours.
  • Winterisation calls for your pump to be truned off for the whole winter - ideally you should run your pump every day to keep it in good order ie. seals, stop internal condensation etc.
  • A new pump would set you back around EIGHT times the cost of running your pump for two hours a day for six months - no contest.
  • The "winterisation" packs often contain chemicals that may stain your pool grout blue.
  • The sand in your filter and your pool tiles could calcify if your pH levels are left too high.

The decision is yours.













Contact Eco-Pools on :

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Winter Maintenance

In the last Newsletter I was saying how we hadn't lit the fire yet, what a quick change eh?

Just because the temperature has dropped don't think that you can just leave that pool !

Most important is to keep those leaves out - scoop them out with a net off the top AND the bottom. There are some leaves (Oleander and Eucylyptus to name two) that will stain your pool floor within a few days and can be very difficult to remove and in some cases impossible.

Empty your skimmer baskets more often - especially after high winds, and try to sweep up the leaves before hey get into the pool.

You can cut your pump hours down more now as Algae spores find it hard to attach themselves to surfaces below 15 degrees, so as long as there are no spores in your pool now you should be safe until the temperatures rise again.


Pool of the month

DO YOU KNOW WHERE THIS POOL IS? - I DO - But I'm not telling you !


If you are proud of your pool and think it could qualify as POOL OF THE MONTH send us a photo and it could be in next months newletter.



The Circle Of Trust

will be offering Plumbing, Electrical, Hairdressing and Beauty, Car Repairs and Servicing, Fencing, Web Design, Therapy, Carpet and Floor Cleaning. All these operators will only be in The Circle Of Trust by having been tried and tested - there will be no fees or percentages involved, just like-minded business people who can offer a reliable and trustworthy service at reasonable prices.


Eco-Pools are the professionals in all aspects in pool care, repair,
maintenance and overhauls, if you would like us to give you a quote for anything pool related just give us a call. If you jusy want advice or
simply want to make sure that everything is as it should be, we are here to help at a reasonable cost.


Chimney Sweeping

A client of mine had what could have been a very serious fire a few months ago, the only saviour was that the person who was looking after his house at the time spotted the flames, just before going to bed. The fire had started in the chimney and had caught the timber tongue and groove ceiling from the OUTSIDE, so had they gone to bed earlier it could have been fatal.

This was a newly built house and the builders had failed to take the flue to the top of the chimney and the creosote built up on the unrendered brickwork and caught fire and combusted back down.

The chimney had to be swept and the problem was found and solved.

I have since been told of insurers refusing to pay out for chimney fire damage unless the chimney has been swept.





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